About Rointe Heating

The company

“We develop the heating that we would use in our homes”.

This philosophy sums up the spirit of the Rointe Digital Integral System, which inspires our work every day, researching and developing technologies to create the perfect heating system and make your daily life easier. Our exclusive designs and our highest-quality material saves energy while providing you the greatest well-being and comfort.

However, all these technological advances and our experience are worthless if they cannot be applied in practice so that you can enjoy them comfortably in your home.

A Leading Brand

More than 30 years ago, Rointe developed its own electric heating system, to replace the antiquated gas boiler systems.

We have always used our knowledge to innovate and evolve, adapting the technological advances to achieve the perfect system, capable of providing maximum comfort and energy savings, respecting the environment and not losing sight of controllability on the part of the user

With the experience of thousands of installations functioning satisfactorily throughout Europe, we can say that we were the pioneers in putting the Rointe System on the market, the central heating system that we all want in our homes or businesses: Ecological, Safe and Efficient.

That is why we can now say that Rointe is Pure Innovation, and upon this foundation, we will build our leadership together with our clients.

International Expansion

Since 2005,  when Rointe began its international expansion, it has established itself in the markets of 7 European countries.  This year, Rointe is expanding to more countries around the world.

Our success is due to always having chosen the quality of European products.  All our products are manufactures in our installations in Spain, with top quality raw materials and the latest technology. In Rointe we work with our suppliers to guarantee the maximum quality of our products.