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With over 35 years of experience in the heating industry, Rointe has become a leading European manufacturer of electric heating, committed to sustainable thermal comfort. We provide safe, efficient and ecological warmth, which ensures a greener and more sustainable future for everyone.

Our products are the
result of our culture

We want our customers to enjoy the quality and savings that our products offer, without excessive consumption or unnecessary costs. Our commitment ensures that you can have efficient heating that is easy to install and use, and that you can enjoy for many years. Greater innovation. Superior quality. Enhanced efficiency.




This is who we are, and this is why we are your electric heating experts.

Heating beyond frontiers.

Rointe was founded in 1985 as a small artisan manufacturing company specialising in electric radiators.

Today, we are a multinational company, integrated in Holdenmur, a business group dedicated to electric heating products, technology and services. Our business system is based on an extensive and exclusive professional sales network, with a presence in more than a dozen countries, all with their own logistics platforms to guarantee optimal delivery times.

Our commitment to growth in the European market will lead us to expand into Italy, Germany, Austria, Scandinavia (Denmark, Norway, Sweden and Finland) and, with the aim of making Rointe the world leader in efficient heating systems, we will position ourselves in the USA and Canada.

Our ultimate goal is to offer the world an efficient and responsible heating solution that allows real control over its consumption.

Quality and innovation

We are committed to innovation as a fundamental part of our business growth. That’s why we reinvest a portion of our profits in R&D, to develop heating technologies and patents that improve the efficiency of our products.
With them, our customers benefit from bigger energy savings in their heating consumption whilst reducing their environmental impact

CSR. Corporate Social Responsibility

A crucial aspect of our business is to implement a Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) policy that promotes efficiency, equality, and sustainability, going beyond the Zero Emissions target of our manufacturing processes. The ultimate goal of our CSR is to foster a movement that encourages society, our employees and suppliers to live and work in a more respectful and responsible way for the environment and the community.

We base our work on 4 pillars:


Preserving our natural resourses


Making the world a better place


Developing fair and honest business


Achieving sustainable profit & future for all

We are members of Ecovadis and are part of the United Nations Global Compact.

We take steps to promote environmentally,
socially and responsible behaviour.