AIR Control

AIR Control

All the control of Rointe systems in your hands, totally compatible with the range of Rointe products with infrared.

The infrared remote AIR Control arose from the need to  integrate the control of all the devices that make up the Rointe Digital Integral Heating System into a single device, offering the possibility of making special programs for the radiators, towel rails and electric water heaters, as well as control the temperature or view the active modes of these products.

AIR Control

Infrared Control

Rointe’s AIR Control has a bidirectional wireless infrared connection, which we define as the Rointe INFRARED technology, with a distance of up to 3 metres.This remote allows making, sending, copying and receiving programmes carried out in all the products that make up the Rointe product range with infrared, comfortably and simply.

Made of fireproof and impact resistant polycarbonate PC/ABS, with an elegant 21 mm thick design for ultimate comfort.

It has a high-shine, durable RAL 9010 white finish.

Bidirectional wireless

technology in your


Bi-directional infrared communication

Rointe’s AIR Control has a wireless bidirectional infrared connection. This simplified control device sends the preinstalled programmes to the products with only the push of a button, comfortably and simply.

In addition, the AIR Control allows blocking the control panel of any Rointe product with infrared remotely.  This function prevents others from manually modifying the established programming or temperature.

TFT Screen

Rointe’s AIR Control incorporates a 1.77 inch TFT screen, which offers all the information with the utmost clarity from any angle of vision. In addition, you can adjust the brightness of the screen, in ON mode – when activated by the user – or in Standby.

The TFT screen facilitates viewing all modes, functions, and active programmes, as well as consumption time, battery level o the software version and nominal and effective power of any product in the system.

Keys dedicated to advanced functions

Rointe’s AIR Control has a twenty button mechanical keyboard divided into three zones.  With these buttons, we can make special programmes to control the temperature and view the active modes of our configuration.

Create your own programmes with the AIR Control and send them to all the products that make up your Rointe digital heating system.  It will help you save energy to be able to control the activation or deactivation of your radiators, towel rails and water heaters according to your preferences. Proper programming of your products is fundamental to getting the maximum in energy savings.

Transparent wall holder included

Rointe’s AIR Control de Rointe includes a modern and elegant transparent wall holder that adapts to all kinds of homes and professional facilities.

This functional accessory allows locating the remote in the same place every time, avoiding drops and losses.

Set your programmes and return the remote to its holder so it will always be available for use.

The AIR Control is available in 2 different finishes

Technical Specifications


Model: Width x Height x Depth
(A) 54mm x (B) 177mm x (C) 21mm

Mechanical characteristics

Product weight: 115 grams
Functional temperature range: -20 a 55 ºC
Material: PC/ABS
Available finishes: RAL White 9010 and Soft Black Touch

Electrical characteristics

Power: 3Vdc
Battery: 2 x 1.5 AAA


Wireless via infrared
Send – Range: 3m
Reception – Range: 1m


Wall bracket
Bottom mounted with bracket: 25mm


TFT (1.77”) Screen
24/7 Programmability
Manual/Automatic Function
Remote memory block – Heater and water heater
Clear program memory
Viewing nominal and effective power
Viewing consumption time, software version and battery level
Ability to reset initial setup
Screen brightness control

Applicable Regulations