Compare Rointe Radiators

Find out which radiator best suits your need in this comparison of the two product ranges from Rointe heating on the market. If you require more information about a specific radiator model, you can visit the product pages by clicking on the images.

Radiador sygma
Radiador Serie D
SYGMA Radiator
D Series Radiator
Mechanical Characteristics
Element Distribution
Odd, from 3 to 15
Odd, from 3 to 15
Straight WITHOUT Front Opening
Curved WITH Front Opening
Control Panel
Mechanical Keyboard
Tactile Control Panel
Injected Aluminium
Injected Aluminium
Side Closure Material
PC/ABS Plastic
Injected Aluminium
Available Finishes
RAL 9010 White
RAL 9016 White/Forging effect Black/RAL Colour
Level of Protection 
IP 21
IP 24C
Electrical Characteristics
Low Consumption Technology
Equivalent Consumption Coefficient 
40% of Nominal Power
38% of Nominal Power
Advanced Functionality
Infrared Communication:
Easily programmable 24/7 via the AIR Control or BASIC Control remotes.
sygma incluido included
Serie D incluido included
User Mode:
This function allows restricting the radiator’s temperature ranges.
sygma no disponible not available
Serie D incluido included
Menu Control:
Access to the advanced functions of your radiator via the new Access Menus with Smart Icons.
sygma no disponible not available
Serie D incluido included
WiFi Communication:
Radiator with WiFi module. Allows 24/7 control from a Smartphone, tablet and PC.
sygma no disponible not available
Serie D incluido included
Consumption Statistics:
Detailed control fronm the Rointe Connect App using statistics values such as consumption, costs, etc.
sygma no disponible not available
Serie D incluido included

Where can you buy a Rointe radiator?

If you are interested in buying any of the previously compared ranges of Rointe Radiators, please get in contact with us using the following contact form. Furthermore, our projects department will be able to evaluate your home, office or installation, to indicate the correct size of radiator you must install in each room, to work efficiently and with the minimum possible consumption.

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