SYGMA Radiator

SYGMA is renowned for economy and efficiency

Discover the low consumption digital electric radiator with Rointe technology that consumes only 40% of its nominal power to maintain the room at 21ºC according to studies carried out in independent laboratories.

With the SYGMA range, you will benefit from the highest quality guarantee and greater energy efficiency at the best price.

Optimizer Energy Plus and ULP4

The SYGMA radiator incorporates a state-of-the-art microprocessor (ULP4 Ultra Low Power) that sends the right amount of energy needed at any time, improving energy efficiency and saving on consumption.

Optimizer Energy Plus is a technology developed by Rointe that bases its operation on thousands of micro pulses being sent to the product to keep a stable temperature with a consumption as low as possible. This patented technology produces a variation of the ambient temperature of only ± 0.07°C compared to ± 2°C of other traditional systems.

SMD Electronics and Advanced Control technology

The SYGMA radiator uses multilayer electronics with the latest technological advances in product identification and traceability.

The electronics designed by Rointe, with surface mounted SMD technology, ensure the highest reliability of components in the circuit. This allows greater security in the connections between different elements in the board.

TFT Screen

Rointe is the only manufacturer in the electric heating industry that features a TFT screen with high resolution so you can view with clarity at any angle.

The new 1.77” TFT screen is divided into 3 areas:

  • Upper – the location of the operating icons-
  • Center – temperature, time and day of the week view
  • Lower – the current programming of the product

Two-way Infrared communication and mechanical keypad

The SYGMA range includes a mechanical keypad for complete programming control 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

With the option of using the AIR Control or BASIC Control remotes, you can easily control the product using two-way infrared communication.

Compact finish and high quality materials

The SYGMA radiator incorporates a left side closure to give a compact finish and is injected with fire-retardant polycarbonate PC/ABS – a high resistance material with protection against ultraviolet rays.

Unlike other competing products this material does not deteriorate over time.

Optimizer Energy Plus
State-of-the-art technology, maximum savings

The SYGMA radiator includes Optimizer Energy Plus, a technology developed and patented by the Rointe R+D+I Department. Included in the microprocessor (ULP4 Ultra Low Power), this technology optimizes the energy through ambient temperature control. By sending micro pulses to generate and regulate the right amount of energy needed at any given moment, we can improve energy efficiency.

Temperature stability | Maximum efficiency | Optimal compensation between W/element

Technical Specifications


No. Elements: Width x Height x Depth
3 elements: 345mm x 575mm x 98mm
5 elements: 505mm x 575mm x 98mm
7 elements: 667mm x 575mm x 98mm
9 elements: 827mm x 575mm x 98mm
11 elements: 1.010mm x 575mm x 98mm
13 elements: 1.180mm x 575mm x 98mm
15 elements: 1.330mm x 575mm x 98mm

11 elements conservatory: 1.010mm x 420mm x 98mm
13 elements conservatory: 1.180mm x 420mm x 98mm
15 elements conservatory: 1.300mm x 420mm x 98mm

Mechanical Characteristics

Resistance: Armoured steel
Design: Flat with side closures on both sides
Material: High purity aluminium
Thermal Conductor: Thermal oil
Control: Control panel with mechanical keypad
Product weight: from 10.1 kg to 26.4 kg
Weight with packaging: from 11.2 kg to 27.5 kg
Finish: White RAL 9010

Electrical Components

Nominal Power: 110 W per element/100 W in conservatory version
Effective Power: 40% = 44W per element
Voltage: 230 V ~
Current: from 1.5 A to 7 A


1.77” TFT Screen
Screen brightness control
Nominal and Effective power
Programmable 24/7 (from control panel and/or from AIR Control remote

Performance and Security

Optimizer Energy Plus
ULP4 Rointe micro-controller
Two-way send and receive communication via Infrared
Temperature stability: ± +- 0.07 ° C
Air speed: 0.1m/s
Power per element: 110W/100W in conservatory version
Safety thermostat
Average surface temperature during the stationary period: 40 ° C
Degree of protection: IP21
Certification 2004/108 / EC Electromagnetic Compatibility
Certification 2006/95 / CE Electronic Security


Installation template
Installation kit with screws and brackets